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Emergency Placement for Elderly

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¿Ofrecen servicios de colocación de emergencia? never easy. We are here to help.

Find Emergency Placement for Elderly in Texas & Surrounding Cities


Sí. Desafortunadamente, muchas familias se encuentran con circunstancias inesperadas que requieren atención o vivienda para personas mayores con un aviso de muy corto plazo. El fallecimiento de un cónyuge o cuidador, una lesión o enfermedad repentina, o un incidente en un centro de atención existente son solo algunas de las razones por las que las familias se han visto en la necesidad de una ubicación de emergencia. No importa cuál sea su situación, estamos aquí para usted. Nuestro 

Elegir el tipo correcto de cuidado y vivienda para personas mayores puede ser una tarea difícil, que involucra muchas emociones complicadas y factores desafiantes. Si no está seguro de qué tipo de vivienda para personas mayores es adecuada para usted o un ser querido, MKR Senior Health Strategist está aquí para ayudarlo. Nuestros consultores de atención para personas mayores son expertos en el campo y pueden evaluar sus necesidades y brindar recomendaciones informadas.  MKR Senior Health Strategist  our extensive experience allows us to support you in acting quickly to find the right place for your loved one to call home, one that fulfills their unique needs and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

How to Know When You Need Emergency Senior Care

MKR Senior Health Strategist se enorgullece de ser uno de los 

Our first priority is to help you locate the perfect home for your elderly loved one without making already-challenging circumstances even more stressful. We will act quickly to partner with you in the home placement process, acting as an advocate, support system, and expert to ensure the best possible outcome.

After an in-person interview, we will determine what the senior is in need of most and wants out of a living arrangement and we will begin the search. Whether you want an assisted living, an independent senior community, or full-time nursing care, we have the resources and knowledge to find a home that has what you need.

No matter what the situation, MKR Senior Health Strategist  is well-prepared to take action on your behalf. We know that in situations 
mejores agencias de colocación de cuidado de ancianos, time is always of the essence – which is why we’ll never waste your time with poor or delayed communication, unnecessary hoops to jump through, and other frustrations that only add to your burden.We will help with the paperwork and other administrative requirements that will help ease the stress of the situation.

Emergency Placement: Frequently-Asked Questions
What is the Process for Emergency Placement Services?

The first step in the emergency placement process is an in-person interview, during which a senior care consultant will gather detailed information about the senior seeking a home. We will discuss a variety of topics including medical needs, what the senior wants in a living arrangement, location, and budget, enabling the consultant to gain a clear picture of your family’s most important priorities. Then, various options will be explored, including assisted living facilities, independent senior living communities, full-time nursing care, emergency nursing home placement, and more, with your consultant utilizing their expertise to recommend the right type of residence.

Once you establish the type of living arrangements that may work best for the senior, MKR Senior Health Strategist will reference our extensive network of senior living communities and review options that meet your family’s requirements. By combining professional resources with expert knowledge, your senior care consultant will be able to give you an excellent selection of best-fit options to consider – even on the tightest timeline.

After you receive our suggestions, the support doesn’t end there. A consultant will help you complete all the administrative requirements of placing your loved one in their new home, including completing and submitting paperwork and establishing a clear line of communication with the selected facility or community.

How Much Does Emergency Placement Cost?

At MKR Senior Health Strategist, emergency placement is provided at absolutely no cost to your or your loved one. Our referral and support services are 100 percent free, so you’ll never have to worry about adding to the financial strain.

Who Qualifies for Emergency Placement Services?

We consider anyone in need of quick senior placement a qualifying recipient of our emergency placement services. Our team understands that there are many different factors that may have brought about the unexpected need to find a home for their loved one – there’s no right or wrong reason for needing emergency placement.

If you or your elderly family member or loved one has encountered one or more of the following situations, emergency placement can help:


  • Death of a spouse, particularly one that served as the senior’s caregiver

  • Closure of senior’s current residential facility

  • An incident or unsatisfactory care provided by a current care facility

  • The onset of difficult symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other medical conditions

  • The necessity of medication that must be administered by a professional

  • Change in your living situation that prevents you from providing a home for your loved one

What Are My Options for Emergency Senior Placement?

Todos los días, innumerables familias se enfrentan a circunstancias inesperadas que les obligan a encontrar rápidamente un hogar de ancianos seguro y cómodo para su ser querido. No solo puede ser una experiencia extremadamente emocional, sino que la decisión a menudo también se basa en consideraciones financieras y médicas. Entendemos que es más que un desafío tomar la decisión de poner a un ser querido en un hogar de vida asistida.

  • Independent senior living communities

  • Assisted living

  • Memory care

  • Full-time nursing care

  • Hospice care

We know how important it is that your loved one’s new residence is a place they feel welcome, safe, and comfortable, which is why we work diligently to select and recommend only the very best communities and facilities that truly feel like home.

What Sets MKR Senior Health Strategist Apart

Por lo general, las familias necesitan una ubicación de emergencia debido a un evento inesperado, como una emergencia médica, un cambio en las circunstancias financieras o residenciales, la muerte de un cónyuge u otra situación difícil. Si necesita ayuda para encontrar un nuevo hogar para su ser querido anciano, su primer paso es comunicarse con MKR Senior Health Strategist. Programaremos una reunión tan pronto como sea conveniente para usted, trabajando rápidamente para brindarle la ayuda que necesita.

  • Independent senior living communities

  • Assisted living

  • Memory care

  • Full-time nursing care

  • Hospice care

We know how important it is that your loved one’s new residence is a place they feel welcome, safe, and comfortable, which is why we work diligently to select and recommend only the very best communities and facilities that truly feel like home.

What Sets MKR Senior Health Strategist Apart

El primer paso en el proceso de colocación de emergencia es una entrevista en persona, durante la cual un

Because we are not under contract with any Texas assisted living facility or senior residential community, our recommendations are 100 percent impartial and focused entirely on fulfilling your loved one’s needs. You can be confident that your senior care consultant is invested only in the best interests of your elderly loved one, not seeking to fulfill any sort of quota or earn a financial commission. Every one of the team members at MKR Senior Health Strategist  is passionate about serving the Texas community, providing the same care and compassion for your loved one as they would want for their own family members.

¿Cuánto cuesta la colocación de emergencia?
for Your Elderly Loved One Today

En MKR Senior Health Strategist, la colocación de emergencia se brinda sin costo alguno para usted o su ser querido. Nuestro 

We understand everything sounds and feels overwhelming. Making the decision to find care for your family member is never easy. We are always here for you.

¿Quién califica para los servicios de colocación de emergencia? (855) 765-7111 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Making tough decisions is never easy. We are here to help.


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